Inky's Cathedral, Kathleen Faulkner, 2020, Oil Pastel

Take a hike!

Dog Woods is a dog-friendly 120-acre forest and nature preserve on Guemes Island with nearly 3 miles of trail to explore.

Liability Waiver: Entering Dog Woods shall serve as a full release of liability and assumption of risk by you and any others in your group. By entering this land, you assume all risks and will hold Dog Woods LLC, and its members and managers harmless from and defend them against all liability from any loss or injury which you or anyone else in your group may sustain while you are in this area. 


  • About Dog Woods

    Guemes Island is part of the ancestral homelands of the Coast Salish peoples and the Samish Indian Nation, who lived throughout the San Juan Islands from time immemorial. The Samish name for the island, Qweng7qwengíla7 translates to “Lots of Dogs Island.” Guemes was one of many islands where the Samish raised the Salish Woolly Dog,…

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  • What we ask of visitors

    We welcome low-impact recreational activities such as hiking and wildlife watching. Please stay on marked trails to minimize disturbance of native plants and wildlife, and to avoid hazards. Friendly, well-behaved dogs are allowed to wander off-leash, but please don’t let your pet chase or harass wildlife, people, or other dogs, and either pick up waste,…

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  • Trees of Dog Woods

    As you wander through the forest, look for each of twelve native tree species that grow along the trails in Dog Woods:* Douglas Fir * Douglas Maple * Western Redcedar * Western Hemlock * Bigleaf Maple * Scouler’s Willow * Red Alder * Bitter Cherry * Grand Fir * Black Cottonwood * Paper Birch *…

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Art by Kathleen Faulkner, “Inky’s Cathedral,” 2020, Oil pastel
Logo design by Jessica Lynch Parks, Slow Loris

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